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I am finetuning my editorial skills to provide fellow writers with professional critiques on their manuscripts (whole manuscripts or single chapters), short stories, and query letters.

What is a professional critique? By professional critique, I mean high-level feedback on story structure, flow, character development, POV, voice, and theme. A professional critique is in between the feedback of a beta reader and the work of a developmental editor—it is cheaper than developmental editing too.

Therefore, if you need guidance, but are not quite ready to invest in hardcore editing I hear you and I want to help.

So far, the writers I helped have described me as having a good editorial eye and a supportive approach. For testimonials and rates please visit this page often.

Meanwhile, if you want to receive a free critique as part of my trial test, come join me on and look for yourself how other writers have rated my critiques. You will find me under: Aura Clift. 

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