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Selected Works

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2021- work in progress: Angiolina Worked Here (tentative title); is a literary fiction novel.

Angiolina Worked Here is set in Carnia, a mountainous region in northeast Italy. Carnia is a place of sturdy people, breathtaking wilderness —often as beautiful as deadly —, and folklore. Witches, fairies, and a kind of gnomes called Sbilfs are as much part of the Carnic cultural folklore as the Sunday mass and all of the Christian Catholic rituals. My main character, Angiolina, is estranged from her own community and trying to make sense of the cultural background that has been imposed on her, as a series of events pushes her to find her own role within the town.

Themes: cultural loss, identity, community, and personal empowerment


2019 and ongoing: Personal Narrative Essays

My Personal Narrative Essays explore a range of themes from motherhood to superstition. They are all told from my point of view as an Italian immigrant living in Canada.

As I test my skills against this genre, I aim to publish my essays in Canadian literary magazines and over time collect them into a nonfiction book.


2019: Vox Veritas Vita & Other Stories; is a collection of short speculative fiction, in which the everyday is woven together with the supernatural.

A woman finds an engraved pen that reveals the secrets of its previous owner. A stranger sets up shop in Chinook Arm's old flower shop and finds a missing person before opening day. An estranged husband and wife rediscover their love in four recipes. A young woman wishes her life away with a poorly worded prayer. A newlywed couple moves in with a deranged shadow. A medium considers her vocation. A single mother and her son return to the place of his conception, hoping to find his father. These are the premises for just some of the stories in Vox Veritas Vita & Other Stories, a cozy read that will enwrap you with the charm of deep-rooted tales.

This collection of short stories deals with themes of marriage, family, belonging, and grit.

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